Min visits Tala Bridge, says delay in clearance from rlys holding up work

Kolkata: The state Public Works Department (PWD) minister Moloy Ghatak has inspected the site of the under construction Tala Bridge on Thursday and gave a set of direction to ensure its completion at the earliest.

The minister claimed that delay in on part of the railways in giving certain clearances is causing a delay in completing the construction of the Tala Bridge. The railway authorities, however, refuted the allegation and claimed that the needed "drawing on tracing" paper is yet to be submitted by the state PWD to the railways for getting the necessary clearances.

"Drawing pertaining to the launching scheme of balance two spans have been approved thus clearing all the issues pertaining to main bridge except the inspection ladders for both swing girders. The drawing of the superstructure design and drawing of adjacent pipeline bridge is yet to be given by them on tracing paper. The design of super structure and pipeline bridge is under checking. Another coordination meeting would be held in the second week of December," said a senior official of the Eastern Railways.

Ghatak said that officers of the railways were also present during the site inspection on Thursday and he has requested them to ensure clearances at the earliest. He claimed that the girders are lying but the necessary work cannot be completed due to the delay in receiving the clearances. He further said that as per the initial planning the date of completion of the construction of the bridge was February 2022. But the Covid situation is another reason for delay in its completion.

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