Mass awareness drive to curb dengue menace in Balurghat

BALURGHAT: In a significant decision, South Dinajpur district health

department has initiated measures to curb dengue menace during the ongoing monsoon.

Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH), South Dinajpur, Dr Sukumar Dey, while talking exclusively to Millennium Post, said the concerned health department has launched mass-

awareness drive to grow consciousness in common public covering all eight blocks.

"The decision was taken recently to conduct awareness drive among the residents covering all blocks by the trained staff as preventive measure against vector-borne disease like dengue. Such steps were imperative to arrest the spread of dengue during onset of monsoon. A few cases of dengue were detected in past years but every years but we are all the more alert," Dr Dey said.

It has been decided that the health staffs will launch door-to-door drive to prevent the outbreak of the disease.

"The health officials will take special care of the villagers to thwart its spread in advance. It is important to raise awareness among the people, instructing them of dos and don'ts in the impending situation," he said. In civic areas like Balurghat, Gangarampur and Buniadpur, the experts were being directed to see to it co-assist with the civic officials so that water does not get accumulated in the basement of multi-storied buildings or those under construction.

It is also learnt that Balurghat civic body has launched a door-to-door drive to prevent the outbreak of the disease.

"We have taken several precautionary steps in advance to curb sudden

outbreak of the disease. We have conducted door-to-door visit instructing the inhabitants to contact health officials immediately in case of any prolonged fever. Those who are suffering from fever, body-ache or attendant dengue like symptoms are being instructed for Mac-Eliza test free of cost from any state-run health facility or municipal hospital," said a Balurghat civic official.

Usually the dengue patients, according to a health official, develop high fever that is accompanied by body-ache.

A message has delivered to the block health centers, primary health centers or sub-centers along with sub-divisional hospital to contact district health officials immediately in case of any detection.

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