Man confesses to killing wife

Kolkata: Arvind Bajaj who was arrested on Saturday from Manoharpukur Road in Rabindra Sarovar area for murdering his wife and trying to kill his daughter has confessed that he has committed the crime due to a family dispute.

According to sources, Bajaj claimed that his wife Priyanka Bajaj used to dominate her and she was getting support of her parents and family members. He also informed that Priyanka had claimed her assets back which she inherited from her parents.

On Saturday night Arvind told Priyanka to hand over some utensils which were needed for use in Diwali. He alleged that the key to the locker where the utensils were kept is with her father. When Arvind called up his father in law and asked for the key. When Arvind's father in law told him that the key is kept with a friend, he became angry. After disconnecting the ccall, Arvind got involved in an altercation. Suddenly Arvind brought a knife from the kitchen and statted stabbing Priyanka. Hearing her mother screaming, Arvind and Priyanka's 18 year old daughter rushed to the spot. Seeing his daughter, Arvind also tried to kill her as she is a witness to the murder.

However, Arvind after injuring his daughter called up the police. Cops also informed that Arvind was jobless for past two years and altercation used to take place often.

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