Mamata tweets on Human Rights Day

Kolkata: On Human Rights Day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave a clarion call, urging all to come together rising above hate, to beat all forces that dare to abuse fundamental rights.

"On this Human Rights Day, let us pledge to rise above hate and inequality. Let us come together and fight for each other, stand by each other. Together, we can defeat all forces that dare to abuse our fundamental rights. This #HumanRightsDay let us choose HUMANITY ABOVE ALL," she tweeted. This comes when Banerjee has taken one step after the other against the Centre's alleged anti-people moves to ensure that the fundamental rights of people are not adversely affected.

It was Banerjee's relentless fight to set up the Human Rights Commission in the state and her government that came to power for the third consecutive term, gave utmost importance to human rights. It was only after the change of guard in the state that a large number of human rights courts were set up. Banerjee had fought for human rights following an incident at Garden Reach in which a youth, identified as Sk Azad had died in the police lock-up.

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