Mamata dubs Modi's 100 cr vaccine milestone as yet another 'Jumla'

Mamata dubs Modis 100 cr vaccine milestone as yet another Jumla

Siliguri: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has dubbed Prime Minister Modi's claim of 100 Crore vaccine milestone as "Jumla."

Addressing a gathering in Siliguri on Sunday, Mamata Banerjee stated that unless 100 per cent double doses of vaccines are administered one cannot claim 100 per cent vaccination. "It will be a blatant lie till then," claimed Banerjee.

Banerjee claimed that only 29 crore 51 lakh Indians have received both doses of Covid-19 vaccines. "The claim of 100 crore vaccines being administered is yet another Jumla," claimed Banerjee.

The chief minister questioned how Prime Minister Narendra Modi was allowed to visit US despite having taken Covaxin. "The general public, including students, ailing persons who want to go abroad for treatment and also businessmen who have been administered Covaxin are not being allowed. They are facing great problems," stated Banerjee.

She urged Prime Minister Modi to immediately take up the matter with the World Health Organisation and get Covaxin recognized. "I have written to the PM on these lines also," said Banerjee. She stated that despite requirements of 14 crore doses, Bengal had been allotted only 7 crore. "As we had assured everyone of free vaccines we even bought vaccines. However, the Prime Minister has been appending his photographs on the vaccine certificates. Likewise, he should append his photographs on the death certificates of all Covid-19 victims," scorned the chief minister.

She urged people to wear masks as Covid-19 cases were on the rise.

"There is nothing to panic about. The situation is under control. However, people will have to maintain Covid protocols," added the chief minister.

She also urged all to keep their surroundings clean to prevent mosquitoes as there are cases of malaria and dengue in North Bengal. "I will ask the district administration to distribute mosquito nets also to people who can't afford to buy them," added Banerjee.

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