Make people aware of cyber crime trends: CP tells cops

KOLKATA: Commissioner of Kolkata Police, Vineet Goyal on Monday instructed the Cyber Crime department and anti bank fraud section to put more stress and make people aware about the recent trends of the crime.

On Monday during Goyal's first crime conference arranged at the Alipore Bodyguard lines, CP also instructed the traffic department to make Sergeants visible on the streets. He also instructed the OCs of all the police station to join hands with the traffic guards and prosecute traffic rules violators. Goyal further instructed the OCs of all traffic guards and police station to identify the roads need to be repaired and get in touch with the concerned authority. These apart OCs of all the police station have been asked to dispose off pending cases as soon as possible. The Detective Department has also been asked to assist the investigating officers for quick investigation.

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