Locals laud CM's decision to build dam on river Atreyee

balurghat: Locals and environmentalists welcomed the initiative of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to solve the water crisis in Atreyee. Banerjee on Tuesday, during her administrative review meeting in Raiganj, announced that a dam would be built on Atreyee in Balurghat for the uninterrupted flow of water so that the local farmers and fishermen didn't face any problem for agriculture and fish-farming.

Notably, the natural flow of the Atreyee water into the Indian side had been artificially restricted on the Bangladesh side and thus creating problems for the people of South Dinajpur.

A local Amal Basu said: "The step to set up a dam on Atreyee for its natural flow by our Chief Minister is exemplary. Local farmers and fishermen of this region are suffering due to the lack of water. The dam on the river as per announcement by the CM will solve the problem."

Supporting the decision of Banerjee, a local environmentalist Tuhin Subhra Mandal said: "Atreyee is the lifeline of this district. Due to the robber-dam on the river in Bangladesh, the river beds turn almost dry throughout the whole year except in monsoon. If the dam is built here, there will be no shortage of water and, therefore, the decision is relevant."

During the meeting, the CM said she had raised the issue with the Bangladesh Prime Minister and also with the Indian Prime Minister but according to her it was unfortunate that the matter had not been taken up seriously by the Indian government with its Bangladesh counterpart, even though the people of this district continue to suffer. District magistrate Ayesha Rani A said: "After proper inspection by the state Water Resource and Irrigation departments recently, a-2-meter-high-dam with an approximate cost of Rs 31 crore will be established in Balurghat within two years." Atreyee originates near Siliguri flows into Bangladesh before entering South Dinajpur.

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