Last victim of Burdwan serial killer dies 14 days after attack

Kolkata: The minor girl, who was the last victim of Burdwan serial killer Kamruzzaman Sarkar, died after 14 days since she was attacked at the Burdwan Medical College and Hospital on Friday.

According to sources, on May 30, the minor girl was attacked by Kamruzzaman with iron rod and chain, which he used to kill other women as well. The girl survived the attack at that time as she was rescued by local residents.

She was admitted at the Burdwan Medical College and Hospital in a critical condition and was under treatment since then. On Friday, the girl succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.

Kamruzzaman was arrested on June 2 afternoon at Kakuria village under jurisdiction of Bulbulitala outpost in Kalna. Following his arrest, several murder cases were solved as he admitted that he killed women and assaulted them sexually. Cops came to know that he had killed a few women in Hooghly district apart from Burdwan.

Kamruzzaman owned a red bike, which was identified from a CCTV camera footage. But, his face was covered by the helmet. Cops got in touch with the women who had survived the attack. With their help, portrait parley of Kamruzzaman was made. Later, police circulated the sketch among the police personnel and civic volunteers across the Burdwan district.

On May 2, a few civic volunteers were on naka-checking duty at Kakuria village. In the afternoon, they intercepted a red-coloured bike and found all the documents of the biker were in place so he was allowed go. At the same time, another red coloured bike was seen coming towards the naka checking point. Anirban Ghosh, one of the civic volunteers, asked the biker to stop his vehicle. Seeing the police, the biker tried to escape but fell down after losing balance. Kamruzzaman was identified when civic volunteers forced him to take his helmet off.

Kamruzzaman was earlier accused of killing six women in Burdwan by strangulating them to death using an iron chain. He has a wife, two sons and a daughter.

A source informed that after murdering these women he had sexual intercourse with them and he inserted an iron rod into their vaginas rupturing their private parts.

According to police sources, in the past six months, in several areas of Burdwan, women were getting attacked by an unknown person. In every case, the victim lived alone or she was alone at the time of attack. After several women died, pressure on the police kept on mounting as they couldn't find a single clue to trace the killer. The killer attacked these women from behind. The pattern of killing came to light after an elderly woman identified as Sadhana Chatterjee was murdered at Dhatrigram in Kalna. Cops found an iron chain, which was used to kill Chatterjee. But no other evidence was found at that time. The panic over the serial killer kept on spreading as several women were being attacked every month. According to the police, 12 women were attacked out of them only six survived.

The victims said that a well-dressed middle-aged man approached them posing as some official. Once, he approached a woman to check the electricity meter of her home and in another case, he said he was conducting some survey. The case got further complicated after the accused, due to fear of arrest, started hitting the victim's head using an iron to ensure that she died. Earlier, he killed women by strangulation but later he started hitting on the women's head using an iron rod after strangling them to death.

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