La Nina: 'Pollution level in Kolkata may turn worse'

kolkata: Meteorologists have predicted that the pollution level in Kolkata may turn worse this winter compared to that of previous years due to the impact of La Nina which is expected to blow over east and north India between December this year and February next year.

La Nina is a weather pattern that occurs in the Pacific Ocean under the impact of which strong winds blow from warm water at the ocean's surface from South America to Indonesia.

It brings cold air to the Indian sub-continent from Siberia and South China. As warm water moves towards west and cold water rises to the surface. La Nina is Spanish terminology, the meaning of which is 'little girl'.

There is a relationship between La Nina and air pollution. The weather experts have pointed out that the temperature across the Indo Gangetic Plains is expected to fall below what these areas normally witness every year during this period. La Nina is expected in north and east India between December 2021 and February 2022.

Meanwhile, the Regional Meteorological Centre in Alipore predicted a rise in the temperature in various south Bengal districts in the next 48 hours. North Bengal districts will receive rainfall on Monday and Tuesday while the coastal districts in South Bengal may receive light rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday. The mercury will slide down from Thursday.

The city dwellers will again feel comparatively colder weather in the weekend, says the MeT office.

The city on Sunday witnessed lowest temperature at 21.5 degree Celsius which is 2 degree above normal. On Saturday, Kolkata had witnessed the lowest temperature at 19.9 degree Celsius. Various south Bengal districts will see a rise in the temperature by 2-3 degree Celsius in the next couple of days.

A cloudy sky has led to the rise in the temperature. The mercury will plunge down during the weekend.

There was a prediction of weather change from Saturday as a low pressure has formed over Bay of Bengal and is advancing towards Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh coasts. Some of the western districts have already witnessed a drop in the temperature up to 14-15 degree Celsius in the last week due to the steady flow of cold north wind.

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