Kultali: 2 tranquilising teams set up to trap tiger

Kolkata: The Royal Bengal Tiger that had entered into human habitat at Kultali in South 24-Parganas on Friday has continued to elude the Forest officials inspite their hard and serious efforts to trap or tranquilise it.

The tiger according to officials from the Forest department has been hiding in a dense bushy area at Dongajara—Mishrachowk area since Sunday. "We have squeezed the area where the tiger has been hiding and deployed two tranquilising teams on both sides. Two traps in the form of cages were also laid using goats as bait. Fire crackers were burst in an effort to frighten the tiger so that it moved and got trapped. But it didn't move. We stalled the operation with evening setting in and will begin again on Tuesday morning," Jyotipriya Mallick, state Forest minister said.

According to a senior official of the Forest department throughout the day four speed boats were in constant patrol in the Piyali river adjoining the tiger's hideout and a drone was used to track the movement of the big cat. Three layer iron nets have been placed to prevent the entry of the tiger in the

village and section 144 has been imposed to prevent any villager from venturing into the forest.

The big cat had fallen in the trap of the Forest department twice since Sunday night but somehow managed to escape. The tiger is a large one

with the weight being nearly 200 kg.

"We have informed the Fire department who will spray water forcibly using hose pipes to drive the tiger out from his hideout so that it can be trapped, " the official added.

Mallick said that the department is planning to put some sort of fencing to demarcate the villages from forest area to prevent similar incidents in future.

A person was injured in a tiger attack on Sunday morning at Dongajara- Misrachawk while searching for the animal inside the thick bushes along with forest officials.

On December 7, a Royal Bengal Tiger had strayed into a village in another pocket of the Kultali area of Sunderbans . It was captured using a goat in a trap cage, and then released in the Sunderbans a day later.

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