Kolkata Police set to upgrade system to cut down response time

Kolkata: Kolkata Police is using a new technology to provide better service to people in distress by upgrading its control room.

After completion of the upgradation work, response time will come down which would help the cops to reach the complainant much faster.

According to sources, the emergency number for calling the police control room is 100.

A few years ago 112 was introduced pan India as an integrated emergency number.

By upgrading the control room systems, 112 number will be linked with the police control room. If any person in distress dials 112, instead of 100 the call will land at the Lalbazar control room. However, the 100 dial will also function as it is doing currently.

This apart, at present the information first reaches the control room. From there concerned police stations and Police Control Room (PCR) vans are informed to intervene. In the new system, the distress call will not only land at the control room but also the location of the caller will be visible to the local police stations and PCR vans near the spot which are fitted with GPS.

The step was taken after the existing system was reviewed and it was found, in case of any emergency call, at least 15-20 minutes time was passing to reach the caller. After the new system starts functioning, it is expected that the response will come down around 5-10 minutes.

In this new method, the mobile tower location of the caller will be traced automatically and the GPS will guide the PCR vans to the caller.

Meanwhile, local police station will call the person in distress to ensure that he or she is safe and assure that help is reaching shortly.

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