Kolkata Police set to start traffic prosecution online from next year

Kolkata: Kolkata Police is all set to launch online traffic prosecution system from next year.

Initially only four traffic guards have been selected for online prosecution system as an e-court will be operational soon at the Bankshall court jurisdiction for disposal of such traffic cases.

In this new process, documents like driving license, registration certificate, pollution certificate, insurance and other tax related documents can be locked digitally during prosecution for violating traffic rules. People are often found not carrying the physical copies of the documents. When the vehicle drivers or owners are stopped for violating traffic norms, police officers become helpless. If the person fails to pay the fine on the spot, the only way left for the police is to seize the vehicle. To ease this problem the NIC has developed an application styled as 'E-challan' where database of Sarathi and Vahan has been incorporated. In this application, traffic police officers can check all the vehicle-related documents online. Police can also prosecute the offender by locking one of the documents digitally which will be treated as seized. If the offender does not pay the fine amount, then it will be kept locked until he or she clears the dues. If the person is again caught violating traffic norms, police officers can see the document has been locked already for traffic rules violation.

IF the offender the fails to pay the fine within the specific time, the matter will be transferred to the e-court. Later the case will will be heard and disposed off online by the court.

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