Kolkata Heritage Cruise service relaunched

KOLKATA: West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC) chairman Madan Mitra relaunched Kolkata Heritage Cruise Service and

the Kolkata Young Readers' Boat Library Service on Thursday.

"We are re-starting the Kolkata Heritage River Cruise service and the Kolkata Young Readers' Boat Library for the public from December 23, 2021. We are not increasing the fare," said Mitra.

The River Water Cruise services, having an onboard café with music at Rs 39 per head, had started in October 2020. The services were suspended on May 16, 2021 after lockdown restrictions were imposed to curb COVID-19 cases in the state.

Along with traditional Bengali music, the guests had the comfort of a Cruise Café serving packed light snacks and tea/coffee for onboard purchase.

During pre- Covid era, the cruise, having a carrying capacity of 150 passengers, used to start from Millenium Park jetty and travelled past the Armenian ghat, Nimtala ghat, Chandpal ghat and the Eastern Railway headquarters. The vessel used to end its 90 minutes journey at the Millenium Park jetty. The minister pointed out WBTC had decided to offer 20 seater air conditioned boats for conducting small parties along with food.

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