KMDA to begin overhaul of Maa flyover's drainage system

Kolkata: Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) will soon start work for overhauling the drainage system of Maa flyover. The drain pipes have got clogged while at some other places they have been damaged and hence KMDA, the custodian of the flyover, wants to take up such work on a priority basis.

"We have already floated the tender for undertaking rejuvenation of the Maa flyover's drainage system. The expenditure will be to the tune of Rs 1.11 crore," state Urban Development and Municipal Affairs minister Chandrima Bhattacharya said.

A KMDA official added that some pipes have been damaged to such an extent that water is gushing out and falling underneath the flyover when there is a smart shower. A fat layer of weed has developed in and around some of the pipes and even plants have grown here and there on a few of them.

Meanwhile, the kite string barrier that have been installed by the KMDA across the 900m stretch for preventing accidents related to kite threads (Chinese manja) has yielded fruitful results. "The Kolkata Police have informed us that in the last three months there hasn't been any accident in connection with kite threads in the portion where we have installed string barriers. They have proposed for similar exercise in a larger part of the flyover."

The KMDA has installed vertical posts over crash barriers and hanging wires to prevent fall of kite threads in the corridor. The height of the barrier is 4 metres. The KMDA has also ensured that the weight of such barriers do not contribute to overweight of the flyover.

In such kite thread accidents — the manja cuts through the nose or neck of bikers, often throwing them off their two wheelers apart from inflicting grievous injuries.

"We have a technical committee that looks after the maintenance of bridges in the city. The proposal of Kolkata Police regarding barriers in a greater part of the flyover is still awaiting its nod," the official said.

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