KMC jurisdiction: About 260 test +ve in past 24 hrs

kolkata: The number of COVID positive cases within the jurisdiction of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has gone up to 260 on Thursday with 201 asymptomatic persons testing positive.

Majority of the persons testing positive are from south Kolkata.

Interestingly, 163 of the persons who tested positive had already taken their second dose while 19 persons have had their first dose.

Among these persons who tested positive, 120 are asymptomatic while 43 are having symptoms.In case of persons with first dose testing positive, 12 are asymptomatic while 7 have symptoms. At least 37 have not taken any of the vaccine dose. As per sources, another 102 persons who have undergone tests at other places in Kolkata tested positive .

"There are no hospitalisation as of now. All the positive cases are in home isolation. We have urged all those who have come in contact with the positive people to get themselves tested. If there is any elderly or physically challenged persons then KMC is ready to conduct rapid test for them," Atin Ghosh, in-charge of KMC's Health department said.

He added that the asymptomatic persons, who have tested positive, undertook tests as they were traveling to other states.The civic body has witnessed a section of people going for pandal hopping during Durga Puja flouting COVID protocols.

KMC reopened its entire health infrastructure from Tuesday, curtailing the holidays of its staff.

"We had anticipated a rise in positive cases because of this negligent behavior on the part of a certain section of people. As of now, there is not much concern. But, we have to watch at least till the middle of next week to have a comprehensive idea about the rise in COVID graph," Ghosh added.

Presently, KMC does not need to open up safe homes or quarantine centres but if needed it can be reopened in two to three day's time.

The ward-wise data of COVID positive cases is on the higher side in ward 65 and ward 69 where 9 and 8 cases have been reported respectively.

These areas comprise parts of Ballygunge, Park Circus, Beckbagan, Tiljala etc. About 7cases have been reported from ward 101, while 6 each from ward 92 and 93.

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