'Kids with fever & breathing distress for over 3 days must be admitted to hospital'

Kids with fever & breathing distress for over 3 days must be admitted to hospital

Kolkata/Darjeeling: Children with fever and breathing distress for over 3 days should be admitted to hospitals, say the guidelines prepared by the health department for the treatment of the kids affected with influenza.

An eight-member expert committee was formed by the health department to find out the reasons behind the sudden surge in the fever cases and also to tackle it. Guidelines have been made on the recommendation of the expert committee.

The expert committee also gave a detailed outline as to what precautionary measures had to be taken to combat the situation. It said that family members have to be alert if their children are affected with fever for over 3 days accompanied with coughing, throat sore, diarrhea, vomiting and respiratory distress. There is a serious concern if oxygen level persistently remains below 92 and the children are down with fever for 3-5 days.

The children affected with influenza may also develop an unwillingness to take food. The parents will also have to monitor if their children pass urine less than 5 times a day. In such a situation the patients have to be admitted to the hospital.

After the affected children are admitted to the hospital they have to be given treatment on the basis of their symptoms. The nursing staff members have to check blood pressure, fever and breathing issues every 6 hours. Viral panel tests can be done if the patients complain about certain symptoms, said the guidelines.

The children who are affected with fever and undergoing treatment at their houses must take adequate water. ORS has to be applied if the patients complain about diarrhea and paracetamol in case of fever. The behaviour of the children must be monitored by their guardians.

Meanwhile, Raiganj Medical College and Malda Medical College recorded child deaths on Monday. Though the deceased at the Raiganj Medical College and Hospital was suffering from fever, she had high blood sugar and blood pressure.

Three days ago the 8-year- old was admitted at the Raiganj Medical College with high fever and breathing difficulties.

As her condition further deteriorated on Friday she was shifted to the CCU. The child passed away in the wee hours of Saturday.

She was a resident of Bangalbari Gram Panchayat under the Hemtabad police station. Principal Dr. Kaushik Samaddar stated "Post mortem report will reveal the cause of death. She was suffering from very high sugar and blood pressure. She had many other complications also"

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