Juniors return to schools today

Juniors return to schools today

Kolkata: After nearly two years, all classes right from the primary-level in schools are opening up from Wednesday. Schools have remained closed for students from class I to VII since March 2020 in the Covid pandemic situation. Classes VIII to XII were reopened from February 3. This is for the first time in almost two years when the school will be returning to its normalcy with students of all the classes attending.

"We are apprehending a learning gap among the students as a major chunk of the students have not been associated with the teaching learning process for a long time. It will be a challenge to help them overcome this gap and getting them accustomed to normal academics in the school," Papia Singha Nag Mahapatra, headmistress of Sakhawat Memorial Government Girls' High School said.

Ananda Handa, general-secretary of Bengal Primary Teachers' Association said that the students of the primary level have been the worst affected. "A large chunk of these students have not learnt basic reading and writing. So the challenge of plugging the learning gap in the primary level will be the greatest," Handa said.

Soon after the announcement of school reopening on Monday evening, the entire Tuesday was utilised in cleanliness and sanitisation of the school buildings. The secondary schools were already cleaned and sanitised but it was the not the case for primary schools.

Classes will be held from Monday to Saturday and the students will have to reach half an hour before their commencement of classes.

Cooked mid-day meal will be served in all the schools, as per directions of the School Education department. The schools have also been given the nod to open up hostels as per requirement.

The 241 schools in the city under Kolkata Municipal Corporation will also open up as per guidelines of the Education department from


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