Jalpaiguri: Trinamool wrests Champaguri Gram Panchayat from BJP

Jalpaiguri: Trinamool wrests Champaguri Gram Panchayat from BJP

Darjeeling: Trinamool Congress on Tuesday wrested the Champaguri Gram Panchayat in the Nagrakata block of Jalpaiguri from the clutches of the BJP.

Incidentally in 2018 the BJP had formed the board in this Gram Panchayat with Babita Kachua as the Pradhan.

Recently a confidence motion was brought against Kachua.

Initially out of the 25 seats BJP had won 16 while TMC had bagged 9.

Recently 7 members from the BJP had crossed over to the Trinamool Congress, thereby turning the tables.

The 16 Trinamool Congress members had moved the confidence motion.

In a test of strength on the floor of the house, Kachua was defeated with Ranthi Tirki of the Trinamool Congress becoming the new Pradhan.

A victory rally was taken out attended by Trinamool Congress leaders and supporters to celebrate the occasion. Tirki vowed to continue development work.

In the recent past with the TMC emerging victorious in the Assembly elections many BJP run gram panchayats in North Bengal have seen a changeover to Trinamool Congress with BJP members switching sides.

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