ICMR allows Balurghat District Hosp to conduct RT-PCR tests

ICMR allows Balurghat District Hosp to conduct RT-PCR tests

BALURGHAT: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) approved Balurghat district hospital to conduct COVID-19 test, Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) of South Dinajpur Dr Sukumar Dey told Millennium Post on Sunday.

"We had appealed to the ICMR to give us permission to conduct a Real-time PCR test for the suspected COVID-19 patients at Balurghat district hospital in August, 2021. The ICMR has recently approved our prayer to conduct the Real-time PCR test," Dr Dey said.

Dr Dey said the concerned officials had earlier reviewed the facility, including infrastructure and training of the staff to grant the proposal.

"We will soon start the test for the suspected Covid patients. Our molecular biologist has been given the responsibility regarding the matter. Unfortunately, he tested COVID-19 positive and when he becomes physically fit, we will start the test. The district residents will be benefitted once we start the service here," he said.

At present, the district Health department used to collect the swab samples from the suspected patients and send the same for testing to Malda Medical College and Hospital.

"It takes time to get the report from Malda. Once we start the test here, we can get the report in due time," he said.

According to Dr Dey, two patients are now undergoing treatment at Balurghat COVID-19 hospital. The district has two COVID-19 hospitals for both Balurghat and Gangarampur subdivisions to treat the serious patients with all facilities available there.

"Covid cases are increasing in South Dinajpur but the situation is under control. We have recently increased the number of tests and now we are conducting 1,400 RT-PCR and RAT tests in a day. The health personnel are being instructed to monitor the situation closely," Dr Dey added.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 cases were surging high over the past 48 hours in South Dinajpur. According to a health source, more than 100 have been infected with the deadly virus since Friday.

"This figure will be more increased within the next one or two days. The situation is alarming and the district health department is monitoring over the situation closely," said the source.

In the district, doctors, health personnel and the administrative officials were being infected with the virus.

"One doctor and 13 health personnel have been infected so far. Superintendent of Police Rahul De and his wife were also infected. Four Deputy Magistrates were staying in Home Isolation after they were tested COVID-19 positive," said a health official.

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