'Goods vehicles, buses involved in most fatal mishaps last year'

kolkata: The annual review report of the Kolkata Traffic Police shows that goods vehicle and buses are involved in maximum fatal accidents across the city that had taken place during 2020.

However, the trend of jumping red lights and violating stop line has reduced a lot during 2020, compared to the past three years.

According to the report, in 2020, goods vehicles are involved in 53 fatal accidents whereas buses are involved in 51 fatal accidents.

More than 140 people suffered serious injuries in the accidents involving goods vehicles. In case of buses, the figure is 108.

Traffic cops informed that in case of buses maximum victims were the passengers of the buses who had been run over either while boarding the bus or while deboarding.

Meanwhile, the report indicates that tendency of jumping red light and violating stop line has reduced after citation cases were sent to the violators for the past few consecutive years.

The figure shows that during 2017, 251824 people were prosecuted through Red Light Violation Detector (RLVD) cameras.

The figure jumped to 400185 in 2018 but again reduced to 209673 in 2019.

During 2020, leaving the lockdown period 40964 such prosecutions were given in around eight months which is quite lower than the past few years.

Also the number of stop line violation cases reduced to 144153 in 2020, which was 1213794 in 2017.

In 2018 the figure was 617462 and in 2019 the figure was 683950.

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