Goa: Do not mix religion with politics, says Abhishek

Goa: Do not mix religion   with politics, says Abhishek

Panaji: Abhishek Banerjee, national general-secretary of Trinamool Congress (TMC)—who is in Goa to work out the strategy for the forthcoming Assembly polls here— while offering prayers at the Rudreshwar Temple in Sanquelim on Wednesday, said that 'religion should not be mixed with politics, he also promised if voted to power Griha Laxmi card will be implemented in the coastal state within 3 months.

Speaking to the Press, Banerjee said he prayed for the progress and prosperity of Goa and its 20 lakh people. "As we step into the new year, we are certain that Goa will see a new dawn rise," the TMC MP said.

Later, talking to the local people Banerjee said if voted to power the Griha Laxmi card will be implemented within three months. "Take the case of Bengal. Mamata Banerjee had promised to introduce Lakshmir Bhandar before the Assembly election. After coming to power for the third consecutive time, the scheme was implemented within three months. Similarly, if you bless us in the election, rest assured that the scheme will be implemented within 3 months."

The Trinamool Congress tweeted: "Our national general secretary @ abhishek aitc interacted with local families in Goa. Their excited regarding # Griha Laxmi Card is heart warming ! Their smiles show that their faith is only on @ Mamata Official for a prosperous future."

Taking a vield dig at the BJP the TMC MP said no one should mix religion with politics. He said: "There are political parties who use religion to win votes and evaporate after the elections are over." He maintained: "For generations, people belonging to different religions are staying peacefully and happily in India. This is our tradition. But there are political parties who want to destroy this tradition and social milieu. We should resist those who spread hatred and divisive politics."

He held several meets with party leaders and discussed the strategy that will be followed during the Assembly election in Goa slated to be held in February 2022.

Banerjee reached Goa on Tuesday evening. Before his arrival, some people allegedly close to the BJP tore off his cutouts and posters which had been put up at important intersections.

Local TMC leaders said: "It shows that the BJP is mortally scared as it knows very well that the people of Goa have rejected them and are waiting for a new dawn."

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