Gariahat murders: Desire to become 'instantly rich' lead to crime

Kolkata: Murder for gain with a motive to become "instantly rich" has come up as the motive behind killing the managing director of a prominent engineering firm Subir Chaki at Gariahat in south Kolkata.

Vicky Haldar and his associates killed Chaki's driver Rabin Mondal apprehending that he may come when they will stab the managing director to death in the first floor of the victim's Kankulia house in south Kolkata. "Investigation has revealed that it was pre-planned murder that took place on October 18," sources in the Kolkata Police said.

The weapons – two sharp knives – used in the double murder were also found by the police along with the stolen credit and debit cards and a finger ring of Chaki.

Police took the prime accused of the double murder Vicky and his friend Subhankar Mondal to Diamond Harbour where they identified the spot where they had left the murder weapons. Police engaged divers who found the murder weapons thrown into Magrahat canal.

Chaki and his driver were murdered at his Kankulia house where Vicky and his five associates went in the guises of a in the guise of prospective buyer of the house, assuming that the victim was carrying a large amount of cash with him and they had an intention to take it away after killing him. They came well planned along with the sharp knives. The reason being Vicky had taken up a job of supervisor at nearby Fern Road only after meeting Chaki for the first time and gathered all information about the victim while working at a place near to the Kankulia house.

The police custody of Vicky and Subhankar, were extended till November 26 when they were produced before the Alipore Court on Saturday.

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