Gariahat murders: Cops suspect accused committed crime as he needed huge sum of money to marry

Kolkata: Police suspect that Vicky Halder killed the managing director of prominent engineering firm Subir Chaki and his driver Rabin Mandal in order to make fast money as he was in a hurry to get married to the woman with whom he had an affair.

Police arrested the prime accused of the double murder Vicky and his close aide Subhankar Mondal from Mumbai on October 30 and the duo was remanded in the custody of the police till November 13 when produced before the Alipore Court on Tuesday.

The investigating officers are also suspecting that Vicky was being instigated by his mother Mithu Haldar, who was remanded in judicial custody till November 11 on Wednesday, to commit the crime.

It is learn that a face-to-face interrogation of Vicky and his mother has also taken place. Sources said that the police also came to know that his mother was well aware of Vicky's affair with a woman to whom the latter wanted to marry for which he needed a huge amount of money. As a result the police are not rulling out that the motive of committing the crime could be to get an instant cash by killing Chaki.

Police also came to know that Subhankhar along with Sanjay Mondal went to the second floor of the building after visiting in the guise of prospective customer for the Kankolia house. While Vicky along with Bapi and Jahir was speaking with Chaki in the first floor. Vicky and his associates attacked Chaki only after Subhankar and Sanjay had given them a signal when the driver was killed in the second floor.

Subhankar and Sanjay came down to first floor of the building after washing their hands in a basin and joined Vicky.

After fleeing to Mumbai, Vicky and Subhankar had tried to take shelter with a neighbour.

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