Fresh lease of life for 4-yr-old suffering from cerebral palsy after SSKM's shot of hope

Fresh lease of life for 4-yr-old suffering from cerebral palsy after SSKMs shot of hope

Kolkata: A four-year-old boy from South 24-Parganas' Patharpratima who had been suffering from cerebral palsy has been given a fresh lease of life by SSKM Hospital. The patient, Adrish Pal, could not walk due to deformity.

The patient was taken to the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department of the SSKM in September last year. He was admitted to the hospital after a check-up. He had been under treatment in the hospital for around a week. The doctors had administered an injection worth Rs 40,000. The patient was later released from the hospital. Within five months, the patient started walking.

His parents took him to the hospital recently for a check-up. Adrish is now able to walk without any difficulty. Subhash Chandra Pal, the patient's father, has expressed his gratitude towards the doctors.

SSKM Hospital removed a portion of the breast of a 45-year-old woman a couple of days ago after it developed cancer cells by applying endoscopic breast surgery with primary reconstruction without any major operation.

The doctors at the surgery department of SSKM decided to perform endoscopy assisted breast surgery as the patient suggested an alternative option to remove the breast cancer cells without going for a full-fledged operation.

The doctors successfully removed a portion of her breast and carried out reconstruction surgery by plucking muscle from her shoulder. As it was an endoscopy guided breast surgery no major cut marks have been done on her body. The patient, a resident of Howrah's Salkia, was brought to the hospital in 2021 for the first time and after clinical tests, the doctors at the surgery department found that cancer cells had spread in her breast.

Doctors who examined the patient came to the conclusion that it would have been better if the surgery had been conducted earlier. As the family members of the patient gave a go-ahead to the doctors, they performed the surgery and later reconstructed the portion of the breast.

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