Forensic team retrieves data from Arsalan scion's car

Kolkata: Forensic experts were able to retrieve some data from the data recorder of Arsalan Parvez's Jaguar on Tuesday. On Monday night, police personnel from the Detective Department (DD), along with forensic experts also made a 3D video of the accident spot using laser video scanner camera.

According to sources, on Tuesday experts from Jaguar arrived at Shakespeare Sarani police station. After Forensic experts came, an attempt was made to turn on the Event Data Recorder (EDR) box of the vehicle. As there was no power due to the engine not functioning, power was provided from outside. Later, some amount of data was retrieved.

However, the details that police are looking for will be available only after decoding the retrieved data. Sources informed that as there are several parameters in the process, it may take some time to decode and segregate the parameters in order to get the actual information. The details will be useful only after a detailed analysis of the data retrieved.

Sources informed that after decoding the retrieved data, information regarding speed of the car at the time of accident, whether the driver was wearing seatbelt or whether any mechanical fault was there which led to the accident, may get unearthed.

Also on Monday night, roads in and around the accident spot were closed for vehicular movement in order to make the 3D video. It will help the investigators to measure the distance between the car and the point of impact as well as the angle of impact. It may also help to establish the crime scene in court.

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