Fashion fiesta: 19th edition of Stylefile to be held in city soon

Kolkata: The 19th edition of Stylefile, Kolkata's much awaited lifestyle exhibition, will be held on Saturday, November 16 at The Old Bungalow in Alipore. A team of leading designers, sculptors and painters will showcase their creations at the exhibition.

Preeti Goenka, co-founder and organiser of the exhibition, said: "Over the years, Stylefile has created one of the biggest creative platforms for fashion and art collections in India. Stylefile has been catapulted into an artistic movement, where India's best designers and connoisseurs can experience the best in art and lifestyle. This year, we have young participants who are not afraid of experiment. Veterans will dazzle with their unique design and style."

Sumedha Saraogi, the other co-founder and organiser, said: "This year's curation is an amalgamation of innovation and creativity. Stylefile complements Kolkata's vibrant energy. A unique addition this year is a Personal Shopping Service called 'Step Out of Line' where 3 renowned stylists - Chikky Goenka, Drishleen Sethi and Neha Gandhi - will be acting as personal shoppers at the event to those who sign up in advance. It has been conceptualised by Avanti Phumbhra of Design Piñata. The Stylecafe has been created to reenergise shoppers while they take a break from shopping. Artist Narayan Sinha has created magic with the look and the feel of the space."

In the art segment, Nilesh Kumavat will display his clay paintings, made with natural paint created after living with tribal people for eight years. Vineet Kacker will feature his Sacred Geology series which references to landscape, art, iconography and meditation, reflecting the Himalayan landscape through sculpture.

Meanwhile, an expression of love for nature and its beauty inside out will be displayed through Prafull Singh's sculptures. The exhibition will be dominated by creative geniuses who are not afraid of pushing their boundaries.

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