Fair Weather Bridge on Balason opens to traffic

Darjeeling: The Fair Weather Bridge on the Balason river at Matigara was opened to traffic on Thursday. It is aimed at easing traffic on the Balason Bailey bridge.

Owing to incessant and torrential rains in the Darjeeling district, the 6th pillar of the Balason bridge, that had been built in the 1960s, was damaged badly. Due to the surge in water level and current, the 6th pillar had tilted on October 20 this year. Not taking any chances, authorities immediately closed down the busy bridge.

It was then decided to replace the damaged part with a Bailey bridge. Work started on November 8. The district administration also decided to commission a Fair Weather bridge as the water level is low on Balason in the winters. Work started on the Fair Weather bridge alongside the damaged Balason bridge so that both of them could be used for the flow of one-way traffic. Meanwhile, the Bailey bridge was thrown open to traffic on December 2. However, being narrow, it allows one-way traffic only at a time. This has been causing major traffic snarls. Now, both the bridges are being used allowing one way traffic in each.

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