Ensure a graft-free KMC & end of syndicate raj, says Mamata

Ensure a graft-free KMC & end of syndicate raj, says Mamata

KOLKATA: Trinamool Congress (TMC) chairperson Mamata Banerjee assured a corruption-free Kolkata Municipal Corporation and an end to the syndicate raj by introducing an online system.

She also took a pledge to develop and beautify Kolkata and eradicate the problems of waterlogging and water scarcity in some pockets. She made these announcements while addressing a party rally at Phoolbagan late Wednesday afternoon.

She said under no circumstances the attitude of some councillors suggesting that their permission was required to set up a building would be tolerated. Actions will be taken against the errant councillors if complaints against them are proved true. "We have an online system for getting permission. In future, the online system should be strengthened so that people can get permission without any hassle. Building plans for residential and commercial buildings and other permissions will be given online," she maintained.

Banerjee told the councillors that they would have to work and during any emergency they would have to reach the spot first. "No pending work will be allowed. When I go out, on my return to the city I go to Nabanna to clear the pending file. Ensure that day-to-day work is done seriously. If you cannot work, then don't become a councillor. The councillors work at the grassroot level," she said.

She said due to heavy downpour waterlogging was reported from some pockets. "If there is heavy rain in Chennai, Mumbai or Delhi, the streets get flooded. In Kolkata, the accumulated water takes less time to recede. This is an achievement. In future, the time of recession will be even lesser." Banerjee said she felt very happy when people from other states told her that Kolkata looks much better now.

She said Trinamool Congress has spread its tentacles to other states like Goa and Tripura because she wants "to tell the people of those states what changes have been brought in Bengal in the past one decade."

She said more flyovers are coming up in the city. "Earlier, I took nearly one-and-a-half hour on an average to reach the airport from Kalighat. Now, it takes 25 minutes to 30 minutes to reach the airport from my residence," she said. Banerjee said because of proper implementation of "Safe Drive Save Life", there had been a sharp fall in the number of road accidents.

She added that now her main thrust would be industrialisation and jobs for the youths. "I am concentrating on it and I shall do it," she said adding "Kolkata's development will take place through communal peace and harmony." She said: "Khela Hobe in all the elections till 2024. Don't take any election casually. Take them seriously," was her message to the candidates for the forthcoming civic election.

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