EM Bypass: Over 1500 prosecuted for traffic violations in 2 days

kolkata: Kolkata Police has put officers of six traffic guards on high alert which covers the 16 kilometer long Eastern Metropolitan (EM) Bypass in order to prevent accidents.

In the past two days, around 1500 car drivers and motorcycle riders were prosecuted for violation of traffic rules.

According to sources, after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee instructed to stop accidents in and around Chingrighata crossing, several steps have been taken.

While taking steps to curb accidents in Chingrihata, officers and men of six traffic guards covering EM Bypass were instructed to conduct surprise checks and make people aware of the consequences of not following traffic rules. Sources informed that along the EM Bypass a few points have been identified where most of the drivers violate the speed limit.

A few minor crossings have been identified where trend of jumping red light is increasing.

According to the traffic Sergeants, trend of following traffic rules can be observed at the major crossings like Ruby, Parama Island, Patuli and those places where officers are visible to the drivers. But when officers or any police personnel are not seen in and around the minor crossings, drivers are found to be negligent about obeying the traffic norms.

In several points police use speed laser guns to prosecute the car drivers and bike riders violating the speed limit. Sources informed that the trend of over speeding is found to be going down due to regular checks.KMDA has conducted a survey with help of IIT Kharapur to ascertain the cause of accidents and curb such incidents in the Chingrighata crossing. Cyclists are barred at Chingrighata crossing but yet people crossover from the eastern side.

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