Elderly woman's body found in decomposed state

Kolkata: A decomposed body of an elderly woman was found inside her house on Sunday afternoon.

Police went to the spot after getting information that a foul smell was coming from the house.

According to sources, since Sunday morning, residents of Rakhal Mukherjee Road in Sarsuna experienced foul smell coming out of the house at 1/1A, Rakhal Mukherjee Road, which belonged to Rabindranath Chatterjee.

As they didn't get any response from the occupants of the house, neighbours called up the police control room in Lalbazar.

After a few minutes, police personnel from Sarsuna police station went to the house and saw the elderly woman identified as Chaya Chatterjee (82) was lying dead.

The body had already decomposed. Later, the police sent the body for autopsy.

Local sources informed that during the month of February this year, Chhaya and Rabindranath's son Dipanjan died under mysterious circumstances.

His decomposed body was recovered by police at the time.

Local residents claimed that the members of Chatterjee family were under depression.

On Sunday when the police questioned Chhaya's daughter to know how the elderly woman died, her daughter reportedly told the cops that Chhaya was alive.

It is suspected that Chhaya had died at least two-three days ago.

Sleuths are waiting for the autopsy report to know the exact cause of death.

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