Durga Puja: From library to vaccination, pandals in city explore various themes

Durga Puja: From library to vaccination, pandals in city explore various themes

KOLKATA: This Puja, some of the key pandals in the city have been ornately decorated as per themes focusing on different subjects. Babubagan in south Kolkata has made the library its theme to encourage youngsters to develop a reading habit.

The pandal looks like a library with book shelves. Portraits of Raja Rammohan, Brojendranath Sil, Sri Aurobindo, Upendra Kishore Roy Chowdhury, Bidhan Roy, CR Das, Mamata Banerjee among others, have been placed in the pandal. One finds a long table with some chairs, which one could find in the old city libraries. Readers used to come and read books at the city libraries.

There were libraries in almost every locality. The sole purpose is to inculcate the old habit of reading books particularly among the youngsters, an organiser said.

The theme of Suruchi Sangha is Abdar (indulgence). Aroop Biswas, state Power minister said Corona had hit the minds of the students badly. "They are fed up with online coaching and as the schools are closed, the students do not get opportunities to see their friends and play. The pandal looks like a market and has been decorated with the garments used by children. Heritage cinema posters have been used to give the pandal an ancient look," he added.

The Youth Association of Mohammad Ali Park brings forward a theme titled Vaccination wins over Corona. The traditional Mahisasura has been replaced by 'Coronasura.'

The Puja will be held at Tarachand Dutta Street, from where it started in 1969.

At Barisha, the pandal will be based on the theme of 'bhager maa.' It is inspired by the tale of Raja Ballal Sena, who had found the Goddess covered in a cloth and named her as 'Dhakeswari.'

But, in 1947 when the country was partitioned people had to leave behind all their belongings and migrate to other places. Thus, Dhaka's 'Dhakeswari' was also shifted to Kolkata. The pandal raises questions on the crisis faced by the mother herself, who is often deserted by her children as they grow up. The organisers have placed the idol of the Goddess inside a cage.

The theme of Bhabanipur 75 Pally is Manobik. It aims at uplifting the morale of Chau Dancers of Purulia. Subir Das, club secretary, said a major portion of the subscription would be given to the families of the Chau dancers.

The Pujawill celebrate its 57th year.

New clothes have been given to the members of 50 Chau dancer families.

The Chau dancers have been badly hit by Corona as cultural programmes could not be held during the pandemic.

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