Duare Sarkar: Only 500 people allowed in each camp

Kolkata: The state government has decided not to allow more than 500 people at each of the Duare Sarkar camps.

Sources said that the direction in this regard has been given during a virtual meeting headed by Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi with District Magistrates.

It needs mention that most of the applicants are turning up at Duare Sarkar camps to get enrolled under the Lakshmir Bhandar scheme.

Sources said that till the report last came in, more than 85 lakh people have so far applied for the Lakshmir Bhandar scheme that ensures a minimum income of Rs 500 per month and Rs 1000 per month for women from general category and SC/ST category respectively. Directions have also been given to district authorities to increase the total number of camps across the state after it came to notice that in some districts there were incidents of chaos that led to injuries of some applicants.

District authorities have already started taking initiatives to increase the number of camps and if needed additional camps would be held at every polling station level.

So far 1.50 crore people have turned up at Duare Sarkar camps across the state. The state government has held 15232 camps including 2190 camps only on Thursday.

At the same time the district authorities have been directed to give stress on identifying Covid hotspots as containment zones.

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