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‘Didir Doot’ brings good tidings to a Panchayat in Alipurduar

alipurduar: ‘Didir Doot’ is all set to ring in good tidings for Chaporer Par Gram Panchayat (GP) 1 in Alipurduar with a 1000m long dam on Mahakal Lake. The lake gets inundated every year during monsoons, causing a flood-like situation affecting the GP and parts of the Municipal area in Alipurduar.

The Chaparer Par is adjacent to the Alipurduar Municipality. This area also known as Dwipchar in Sobhaganj has around 1,200 voters. Every year during monsoons the area is inundated with water from the Mahakal Lake. Not only this area but also the Manojit Nag bus terminus of Alipurduar Municipality adjacent to this village also gets submerged.

As part of the programme, Shila Das Sarkar, Alipurduar Zilla Parishad Sabhadhipati and Anup Das, President Of Alipurduar 2 Panchayet Samity were present at Chaparer Par on Tuesday. Local people expressed concern over the annual flooding of Mahakal Lake. The duo then visited the Mahakal lake area.

After inspection, Shila Das Sarkar said that the local people have demanded a guard wall or a dam on this Mahakal lake. “Owing to insufficient funds, a guard wall might not be possible right now. A proposal has been sent to construct a dam next to this lake which will be about 1000 meters long from Mahakal temple in Sobhaganj to the switch gate of Kaljani river in Alipurduar.”

She also assured that a proposal will be raised in the next budget session of the Zilla Parishad.

Mahakal Lake is part of the drainage system of Alipurduar city. All the drains of the Alipurduar municipal area empty into this Mahakal Lake through the Bhangapool Lake and then flow into the Kaljani River.

Gopal Das, a resident of the area, said: “Our area is almost submerged during the monsoons every year.

There are over 500 houses in this area. People need to relocate during the rainy season. They have to shift from the ground floor to the floors above. If they build a dam the problem will be resolved.”

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