Devotees not allowed at RKM's 'Kalpataru Utsav' at Kashipur

KOLKATA: Devotees will not be allowed to take part in Kalpataru Utsav at Kashipur centre of Ramakrishna Math and Mission on January 1 in view of the Covid situation.

This is the second consecutive year, when devotees will not be allowed to take part in Kalpataru Utsav. However, live streaming of the programme will be available.

The devotees will be allowed to offer their pranam to the president and vice-president Maharaj at Belur Math during the stipulated time in morning and afternoon. Lakhs of people visit Kashipur centre to take part in Kalpataru Utsav. On January 1, 1886 Sri Ramakrishna who was then suffering from throat cancer blessed his disciples and said: "Be conscious ( Tomader Chaitanya hok)." It was Sunday and his house holder disciples had gathered at Kashipur garden house to see ailing Sri Ramakrishna. They were talking to each other at the garden, when Sri Ramakrishna came down, talked to them for sometime and blessed them. He went into trance. On this day, a special Puja is organised. Devotional songs are sung throughout the day and in the evening a meeting is held to discuss Sri Ramakrishna's life and sayings.

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