Damaged 17 km stretch of EM Bypass set to be overhauled

Damaged 17 km stretch of EM Bypass set to be overhauled

Kolkata: Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) will soon come out with a detailed project report (DPR) for complete overhaul of the road condition of EM Bypass stretching from Ultadanga till Dhalai Bridge in Garia.

KMDA had engaged an agency for conducting a thorough condition assessment of the 17 km stretch which is the main connector of the city and its suburbs with Kolkata Airport.

"The ongoing work for the proposed Garia—Airport metro corridor has caused a lot of damage to the main thoroughfare of EM Bypass, as it required underground excavation at a number of places including intersection points. A number of service roads have also have been created for facilitating transport movement. So a complete rejuvenation of the road is of prime importance," a senior KMDA official said.

The agency that had started its work of condition assessment in December will soon submit its report on the basis of which KMDA will prepare a DPR for the revamp of this stretch. After the DPR is made, it will be sent to the Finance department for necessary approval.

It has been found that the stretch from Ultadanga till Science City has suffered less damage where the metro corridor will be passing adjacent to the main EM Bypass thoroughfare.

The stretch from Science City till Patuli have bore the maximum brunt of damage. The road at certain places has become so undulating that passengers while commuting in public transports would feel that they are riding on a roller coaster in an

amusement park.

Interestingly, the road has seen laying of mastic asphalt the last time in 2012-13.

As per road safety committee, overlaying on roads need to be carried out at least once in five years which has not happened for five years at this area. Patch work has only been done usually every year after the monsoons.

"As per order of the National Green Tribunal , mastic asphalt cannot be used for road repair. So we have to use bituminous concrete or stone mastic asphalt for complete sprucing up of the road," the KMDA official added.

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