Daily case load in Kolkata and North-24 Pgns dips in past 24 hrs

Daily case load in Kolkata and North-24 Pgns dips in past 24 hrs

KOLKATA: The number of infections in Kolkata in a single-day has gone down to 233 on Friday from 236 on Thursday and 227 on Wednesday. Bengal on Friday registered 860 fresh Covid cases across the state while the number remained at 854 on Thursday and 853 on Wednesday.

North 24-Parganas has also seen a drop in daily case load on Friday. Around 148 cases were found in the district on Friday while 159 cases were recorded on Thursday in North 24-Parganas.

A total 3,25,104 infected cases have so far been found in Kolkata so far out of which around 3,17,762 people were already discharged from the hospitals. North 24-Parganas has so far seen a total 3,30,950 infected cases till date out of which 3,24,689 patients have been released. South 24-Parganas has seen 76 new cases on Friday, Hooghly 72, Howrah 51, Darjeeling 44, Nadia 34.

Active Covid cases in the state have also gone up to 8,000 on Friday from what stood at 7,973 on Thursday.

As many as 819 Covid recovered patients have been released from different hospitals in the past 24 hours. The Covid recovery rate stood at 98.30 percent.

Single-day fatality has also gone up to 14 on Friday while on Thursday it stood at 13. As many as 19,294 people have so far died of Covid in the state. The total number of infected people in the state so far has reached 16,02,446. Out of this, around 15,75,152 people have so far recovered and released from the hospitals. The percentage of occupancy of Covid beds in the State remained at 2.90 on Friday with the positivity rate standing at 2.09 percent.

Bengal has so far carried out 1,96,54,322 Covid sample tests out of which around 41,113 tests were done on Friday. Kolkata has seen 4 deaths on Friday while North 24-parganas has seen 5, South 24-Parganas 1, East Burdwan 2, Nadia 1 and Darjeeling 1.

State has so far given telemedicine consultations to 9,55,230 people so far out of which 1,260 were given consultation in the past 24 hours.

Around 295 people have been given tele-psychological counselling in the past 24 hours taking the total number of counselling to 4,52,795 till Friday.

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