Critical surgery saves toddler with severe head injuries

Kolkata: A 5-year-old boy from Murshidabad, who suffered severe head injury during an accident, was given a new lease of life by doctors at the SSKM Hospital.

The victim, Ajijur Rahman, (5) was playing inside his house on Saturday when he suddenly fell on a sharp kitchen utensil. He suffered deep injuries in his head and bled profusely.

The family members took the boy to the Murshidabad Medical College and Hospital.

After primary treatment, the victim was shifted to the SSKM Hospital.

The patient was admitted at the emergency ward of the SSKM Hospital on Sunday.

The doctors found that the patient's artery was badly injured after being hit by a sharp kitchen utensil.

A medical team has been set up at the hospital after the doctors felt the need of an emergency operation. The team of doctors performed a surgery and repaired the artery of the patient. According to the SSKM Hospital sources, the victim's skull was also injured during the accident. The operation was risky and the doctors took various preventive measures.

The doctors were also cautious at the time of the operation as a small mistake could have killed the patient.

According to a senior official of the hospital, the patient was brought to the SSKM Hospital in a very serious condition. At the time of the operation, it was found that blood had got clotted inside his skull. If the patient was not operated on time, there was a possibility of him getting paralyzed. He could have suffered a stroke. Timely surgical intervention saved his life.

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