Cops form spl teams to intensify vigil at crowded places in city

kolkata: The Kolkata Police has formed special teams comprising police personnel from the Watch section and Anti Rowdy Squad (ARS) to intensify vigil at crowded places till the end of Durga Puja in order to prevent pickpocketing, theft, snatching and other such crimes.

Also, police are keeping a strict vigil on Banjara people, who come to the city every year. Some of them were allegedly involved in several cases of theft, pick pocketing in the earlier years.

According to police sources, several Banjaras were arrested earlier for their involvement in theft, snatching and pickpocketing.

To prevent such crimes either by the Banjaras or other criminals, special teams have been formed by Kolkata Police. These teams have already been deputed in crowded areas like markets, shopping malls, parks, Esplanade bus terminuses, in and around metro stations.

A few teams have been instructed to keep an eye on the areas where the Banjara people are staying.

Apart from keeping a strict vigil in the areas, police are using their sources to find out whether any Banjara who was earlier involved in theft, pick pocketing or such crimes has arrived in the city or not. It may be mentioned that every year before the festive season begins, Banjara people come to the city. The women members of the Banjara groups are often seen in the crowded areas. While they divert the attention of their target by asking for money, men steal valuables by tricks or cutting through their purses or bags.

On September 30, two Banjara women were caught by Bidhannagar Police while they were fleeing after stealing Rs 40,000 from a woman's bag inside a Barasat-bound bus.

Considering such incidents that took place in the earlier years, police are not taking any risk with such people.

However, no such incidents where Banjaras are involved, have been reported in any of the police stations of Kolkata.

Apart from special teams, the Winners team of Kolkata Police will be deployed in and around the crowded Puja pandals across the city in order to prevent eve-teasing.

Multiple such teams will be patrolling across the city to ensure women pandal hoppers do not feel insecure.

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