Cops arrest Aradeep's father on similar charges

Kolkata: After nearly two months after Aradeep Chatterjee was arrested by the Bidhannagar police for treating patients as a cancer specialist without having a medical degree, the police on Wednesday arrested his father Ashim Chatterjee on similar charges.
After carrying out prolonged investigation, the police came to know that Ashim Chatterjee used to treat cancer patients without having any valid qualification. The matter came to light after the investigation officers gathered evidence after interrogating a lot of people relating the case.
Police arrested Chatterjee from his residence at New Town where the father-son duo used to run a cancer centre. After his arrest, Aradeep told the police that he had taken a homeopathy degree from the National Institute of Homeopathy (NIH). The accused had also claimed that he was carrying out research work on cancer, on the basis of which he prescribed medicines to patients. But the NIH later confirmed that his claim as a cancer researcher was completely false. Aradeep was arrested on June 29 after the police received a complaint that he was practicing as a cancer specialist at Lake Town despite not having any valid degree. Aradeep's father, Ashim Chatterjee also used to claim himself to be a homeopathy doctor. With the progress in the investigation, the police found that Ashim Chatterjee also used to treat cancer patients without having a proper degree to do so.
It has been learnt that some patients who were under their treatment allegedly died of wrong treatment. Police have gathered specific information that Chatterjee had some fake foreign university degrees like his son. He also argued that he had pursued certain courses on the basis of which he used to treat patients. He has, however, failed to provide any documents that prove he was qualified enough to treat cancer patients. It may be mentioned here that Aradeep took admission in the NIH to pursue his course in homeopathic medicine but he dropped out.

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