Commuters approve revised fare list of Kolkata Metro

Kolkata: Kolkata Metro commuters gave a thumbs-up to the recently introduced fare hike on Thursday as the officials put board sign boards mentioning revised fare across different stations.

It may be mentioned that Kolkata Metro Railway has revised its fare after six years and the new rates came into effect from Thursday.

Under the new structure, Kolkata Metro fares stand at Rs 5 up to 2 km, Rs 10 for 2-5 km, Rs 15 for 5-10 km, Rs 20 for 10-20 km, and Rs 25 for journeys beyond 20 km.

"In a bid to make the commuters aware about the fare hike, there were announcements at different stations at regular intervals. This apart, signboards displaying the revised fare chart were also placed across the stations," said Kolkata Metro Railway chief public relations officer Indrani Banerjee.

Under the previous fare structure, the rates were Rs 5 up to 5 km, Rs 10 for 5-10 km, Rs 15 for 10-20 km, Rs 20 for 20-25 km, and Rs 25 for journeys beyond 25 km.

"I commute daily from Sovabazar Sutanuti station to Jatin Das Park station. Kolkata Metro is the fastest and cheapest mode of public transportation. Metro runs smoothly and saves us from traffic. The prices are pretty reasonable and the hike is justified. I would urge the Metro authorities to emphasise on delivering better services to the passengers. They should also install elevators in every station for the disabled," said Sriya Satuluri, a resident of Salt Lake.

"We welcome the decision of Kolkata Metro's fare hike. The fares are still very less in comparison to those of Delhi Metro. I would like to tell Metro authorities that it should focus in its infrastructure and cleanliness," said Rakesh Prasad Shaw, an advocate and a resident of Hastings.

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