Centre cannot absolve itself of tableau rejection by installing Netaji statue: CM

Centre cannot absolve itself of tableau rejection by installing Netaji statue: CM

Kolkata: Sharpening her attack Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, on Sunday, said that the Centre cannot absolve itself of the injustice done to Bengal by rejecting Netaji's Republic Day tableau by installing his statue, which she claimed was being done under the pressure of the state government. Banerjee also demanded that the Centre should declassify files related Bose immediately.

"The hectic decision to install the statue of Netaji is just a cover-up of the issue of rejection of Bengal's tableau which was made on the role of Indian National Army and Independence movement. Had the Centre decided to install the statue, they could have taken the decision long ago and a granite statue would have been installed instead of a temporary hologram statue. Why a hologram statue is being installed instead of a permanent statue," she asked, adding, "They should see how we have maintained the statue of Netaji on Red Road."

The chief minister added: "You cannot proclaim love for Netaji by setting up a statue, what have you done to unveil the mystery behind his disappearance? This government at the Centre had promised to unearth all mysteries after coming to power, but it failed."

Banerjee again demanded that the classified file on Netaji should be declassified immediately. "We have declassified all the files on Netaji and they are kept in the Kolkata Police museum and state Archives," she said. Describing Netaji as an "epitome of patriotism, courage, leadership, unity and brotherhood", she said he would continue to be an inspiration for generations to come.

She alleged that the BJP had distorted the history of Independence movements and demanded that true history should be taught in schools and colleges. Prime Minister installed the hologram statue at the India Gate on Sunday. The permanent statue will be installed six months later.

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