Campaign to educate the rich about traffic norms

KOLKATA: Tiljala traffic guard gave lessons about proper driving to the owners, drivers and people who come from well-to-do families at an awareness programme on Wednesday morning at the Science City crossing.

It is often seen that the owner drivers who come from rich background and enjoy high position in the society do not know the basics of traffic rules which result in major accidents.

Four years ago, Kolkata Police used to exhibit the premium cars that got badly damaged due to accidents at important road intersections. According to the Officer in Charge (OC) of Tiljala traffic guard, Souvik Chakraborty, it is often seen that people blame bus, auto and taxi or cab drivers of not following the traffic norms. But often it is found that people from well to do backgrounds are not aware of the consequences of an accident.

"Such people always think providing a good amount of compensation is enough to evade prosecution. Our aim is to make them understand that violating traffic norms is not about getting away after paying a fine, it could be a matter of life for someone," Chakraborty said. On Wednesday, an internationally renowned motivational speaker Indrajyoti Sengupta interacted with top brasses of a few luxurious hotels in the area and Science City to convince them about following traffic norms

and spread awareness among their employees and family members as well. Later

they were showed the outcomes of not following the traffic norms at the Parama Island practically.

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