Calcutta Medical College & Hosp introduces system to preserve blood of rare group

kolkata: In a unique move, the Calcutta Medical College and Hospital (CMCH) has introduced 'Patient Blood Management System' which will help the hospital to extract blood from the patients with very rare blood groups before hand and infuse his or her own blood while conducting surgeries later.

Under the new system, the hospital will extract the blood and preserve it.

Blood will be infused on the same patient while performing any surgeries.

It will be done only in case of those patients who have very rare blood groups.

Hospitals face difficulties in case of rare blood group patients.

In such cases, blood would be extracted from the patient much before the stipulated date of surgery so that the patient's life can be saved if there is a requirement of blood.

The idea has been mooted by the Hematology and Blood Transfusion department of the CMCH.

It may be mentioned here that couple of days ago, the state Health department turned rescuer for a woman from East Midnapore with a rare blood group ~ Bombay O-negative who required an emergency operation at the SSKM Hospital.

The patient, a resident of East Midnapore was taken to a local hospital due to gynecological issues three months ago. The local hospital had transferred the patient to the SSKM Hospital.

After examining the patient the doctors at the SSKM felt the requirement of a surgery. They found that the patient had a rare blood group called Bombay O negative.

The patient's family members carried out an extensive search for the blood but their attempt turned futile.

Rare blood is normally supplied by a pool run by the Union Health Ministry.

The State Health department later contacted the Union Health Ministry by the help of which they came to know that a patient admitted to Vandanam Medical College in Kerala's Kochi has Bombay O negative blood.

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