Bumper catch: Over 1.5K kg of fish fetch about Rs 1.88cr

Bumper catch: Over 1.5K kg of fish fetch about Rs 1.88cr

kolkata: The Sankarpur Fishing Harbour in East Midnapore witnessed two back-to-back bumper hauls of Black Spotted Croaker (popularly known as Teliya Bhola) fish variety on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

According to MPEDA (Marine Products Export Development Authority) NETFISH (Network of Fish Quality Management & Sustainable Fishing), the catch on Tuesday has been the costliest, this season in monetary value on the coast of Bengal.

A trawler owned by Chanchal Pradhan landed at the Sankarpur Fishing Harbour on Tuesday with 760 Kgs.

About 33 pieces of fish were sold at Rs 12,600 per kg in the export market and fetched more than Rs 98 lakh.

A huge consignment of 730 kg of the same Teliya Bhola variety was again netted on Wednesday at Sankarpur, fetching Rs 90 lakh after auction. The rate was Rs 12,300 per kg. This particular fish variety has extremely high value in export market. The swim bladder of the fish is taken out and then dried in the sun

and then processed to produce two products. Icing Glass is made out of it, which is then used in manufacturing different components of medicine. It can also be used for making Fish Maw which is used in different South East Asian countries for making soups. Fish Maw is priced at Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 per kg. "The other body parts of this fish is also utilised for medicinal purpose. All these contribute to its extremely high sale value in the export market," an MPEDA official said. NETFISH is a society formed under the aegis of MPEDA that stands for improving the quality of fishery products exported from the country and the sustainability of fishery resources as well.

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