'Bengal will not become another Tripura; BJP attacks opponents, TMC woman MP is not spared'

Bengal will not become another Tripura; BJP attacks opponents, TMC woman MP is not spared

Siliguri: Alleging that the BJP-led Tripura government was thwarting the voices of the Opposition and people of the northeastern state, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, on Sunday, during her four-day visit to North Bengal, vowed "we will not allow Bengal to become Tripura" and accused the saffron party of beating up political opponents if they dared to take out rallies in Tripura, and claimed that even a woman MP is not spared. She attended the "Bijoya Sammelani" programme of the Siliguri Metropolitan Police in Baghajatin Park on Sunday.

Stating that Bengal is not like Tripura where people are beaten up as soon as they enter the state, Banerjee said: "Bengal is not Tripura where they do not allow treatment in hospitals after beating them up, and they talk of Human Rights."

Speaking about BJP's claims on post-poll violence in Bengal, Banerjee questioned: "The BJP go around here talking of post-poll violence. After elections were you all a witness to violence?"

"Where will you get such peace as in Bengal. This is a place of love and unity. Bengal has not become Tripura. Till we are here we will never allow Bengal to become like Tripura," reiterated Banerjee.

"BJP leaders are roaming around everywhere and complaining of violence. Look at Tripura. Charity begins at home. The BJP-led Tripura government does not even allow Opposition parties to hold a rally or meeting in the state. We do not differentiate between people like them," stated Banerjee.

Banerjee pulled up the BJP-led Union government for the skyrocketing costs of fuel, LPG and essential commodities. "Now you will have to go back to coal and cow dung cakes for cooking. They are not concerned about the problems faced by the public, they are increasing prices daily. We are the voice of protest on behalf of the public," stated the chief minister.

She also questioned the vaccination figures being projected by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She urged the Prime Minister to immediately get Covaxin approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The chief minister stated that North Bengal chaffed the Union ministry for increasing the area of jurisdiction of the Border Security Force.

"North Bengal is surrounded by international borders but we do not have any skirmishes with bordering countries. Now the BSF's jurisdiction has been increased from 15 km to 50km. What does this mean? When they kill people they are not willing to be accountable. My statement is not against BSF but the policy-makers who are doing this to usurp power. This is being done to create tension in border areas. We have peaceful borders and don't need this," said Banerjee.

She thanked the police and administration for ensuring that there was no untoward incident during Durga Puja. "Now you have to ensure a peaceful and a great Chaat Puja and Diwali," she added.

The chief minister also gave away Biswa Bangla Sarad Samman awards to Durga Puja organizers and clubs.

"I want to see a beautiful North Bengal without any divide and rule. We have to remain united. Let humanitarian values thrive. In future, Bengal will be seen as a model state," stated Chief Minister Banerjee.

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