Bengal to set up 'hybrid CCUs' in 79 govt hospitals

Bengal to set up hybrid CCUs in 79 govt hospitals

Kolkata: In its bid to fight the possible third wave of Covid, the State health department has instructed 79 government hospitals across Bengal to set up 'hybrid CCU' specially designed critical care units.

The step has been taken on an emergency basis to strengthen the critical care infrastructure in the state. According to sources, in each 'hybrid CCU' there will be 6 beds fitted with a ventilation system while 18 beds will have critical care support. State health department has already laid great emphasis on strengthening the critical care infrastructure.

The National Institute of Disaster Management in its report said that the third wave of Covid may hit the country in October. According to the experts, the second wave was mainly triggered by the delta variant of coronavirus. It is apprehended that the third wave may be caused by the Delta plus variant. A Delta plus variant has been found in the country.

The latest variant has become a concern for the health professionals in the country.

In another development the state health department has asked the private hospitals to increase the number of resident medical officers. It was learnt that the private hospitals have been directed to increase the number of resident medical officers keeping in mind the number of beds in the hospital. The number of registered nurses will have to be increased by the private hospitals. All the nursing homes irrespective of their bed capacity will have to abide by the new order issued by the government. State government has made necessary amendments in the West Bengal Clinical Establishment Act so that the private hospitals can be directed to increase the number of medical officers and also nursing staff. The move has been initiated to cope with any unforeseen situation which may arise in the state.

According to the health department sources, action will be taken against the private hospitals if they flout the government order. All the district health officials have already been asked to set up adequate infrastructure in all the district hospitals.

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