Bengal Posts Circle to hold stamp exhibition as tribute to Gandhiji

Kolkata: The West Bengal Circle of the Department of Posts is organising a philatelic exhibition paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary at the Academy of Fine Arts, from November 16 to 21.

"Stamp collectors not only from the state but pan India will take part in the West Bengal State Philatelic Exhibition. Nearly 70 percent of the stamps that will be on exhibit will be on Mahatma Gandhi and stamps from several foreign countries will be put on display at the event," said Amitabh Singh, Post Master General (PMG), Kolkata.

It may be mentioned that 40 countries across the world have brought out stamps as a tribute to the Father of the Nation, who is equally revered across the world for his efforts to unite people, regardless of race or religion.

The West Bengal circle, through assistance of the Centre, has got into touch with the embassies of a number of foreign countries to have copies of a number of such foreign stamps at the Kolkata exhibition. 300 frames of stamps will be put up with around 50 stamps in each frame.

"Stamp collection has been a hobby for a long time and several collectors have agreed to put up their collection at the exhibition. Each collector will book some frames for display and the registration is still going on. We are amazed at the enthusiasm and the response that we are getting," a senior official in the office of PMG Kolkata said.

Apart from stamps on Gandhiji, the collectors can decide their own theme and display stamps based on them which will comprise 30 percent of the display.

The exhibitors will be awarded a global philately certificate, which will give them the license to take part in philatelic competitions that take place from time to time internationally.

It was four years ago in 2015, when the West Bengal circle had organised the last stamp exhibition in the state.

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