Bengal Govt launches pension for three lakh people

Kolkata: More than three lakh people have found a helping hand in the West Bengal Government as the latter is launching a special pension scheme for them.
Fund will be completely provided by the West Bengal government.
Around 3.25 lakh people will be benefitted.
Under National Social Assistance Programme, several crores of people receive financial aid from the government.
Senior citizens, widows, disabled people mainly receive assistance. Bengal's 'quota' in this programme is 21.31 lakh.
However, the number of eligible people is 23.4 lakh. The State's repeated requests for increasing the quota have fallen on deaf ears, a Trinamool Congress statement said adding moreover, as per the new guidelines by the Centre, 1.15 lakh people in rural areas would lose these pension.
The Bengal Government has instructed all Panchayats to make a list of the people who are losing their pension, and enrol them under the special pension scheme as soon as possible, so that they continue to receive their aid.

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