At least 117 Pujas get 'Kolkata Shree' award

Kolkata: Firhad Hakim, chairman of Board of Administrators, Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), on Saturday gave away the 'Kolkata Shree' award to about 117 Durga Pujas to acknowledge the work of the committees who were able to create Covid awareness and took preventive measures in the best possible manner.

Debasish Kumar, Member Board of Administrators, in charge of Parks and Squares department of the KMC, ward number 88 coordinator of KMC Mala Roy and senior officials of KMC were present on the occasion.

"Kolkata's Durga Puja is held in the international level. The way in which we watch Rio carnival in Kolkata in Television. The Same way people watch Kolkata's Puja abroad. We are awarding Puja committees to inspire them," said Hakim, while distributing the awards in Mohorkunj.

The awards were declared in as many as 11 categories —Best of the Best Social Responsibility, Best Social Responsibility, Best Safety, Best Social Subject, Best Social Alertness Message, Best Environment, Best Cleanliness, Best Organisation Strength, Best Social Awareness, Mayor's Choice, Best Puja in the judgment of the people and Best Measures to fight


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