Alipore police station goes green; switches to solar power with 10 panels

KOLKATA: Alipore police station became the first police station in the city to use solar power to run all equipment in the police station.

Recently, 10 solar panels have been installed on the roof of the police station which is generating 4.5 kilowatt electricity for running all lights, fans and other euipment.

However, the equipment with higher electricity consumption will use the CESC connection.

According to sources, the monthly average electricity bill of Alipore police station was around Rs 1.10 lakh during the summer.

For all the police stations, Kolkata police pays around Rs one crore for electricity bills. To reduce the expenses, a pilot project was taken up under which Alipore police station was selected for trial. It took around Rs 3.5 lakh to build the infrastructure for solar power. If this trial succeeds, then soon solar panels will be installed at all the police stations which will reduce the electricity cost drastically.

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